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Virtual Administration 
Greetings - 
Thank you for visiting my VA page. I have been working in the administrative field professional for over a decade and half. In the past few years I have worked in the freelance industry working in the Digital Media area. I continue to find I am drawn back to my experience and skills as an Administrative Assistant . So through both experiences as a Freelancer and an Admin., I am looking forward bringing my expertise as a freelance administrator to your business. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Gratefully Yours! Deidre Moog

~    Customer service provided to online web market
~    Professional experience in Executive Administration  
~    Transcription services
~    Created databases and spreadsheets to improve management and reporting accuracy.
~    Excelled within deadline-intensive environment, ensuring accurate and on-time completion
~    Assisted in all areas of administrative work including data entry, receptionist duties, file
~    Always learning and always willing to advance experience and skills

            21Years In Workforce
            15  Years in Administrative Assistant                 
            BA Digital Media Production